Pandanus Park - War Veterans Retreat
A bush camping retreat for Veterans of the Australian Defence Forces
Cape York Peninsula, Queensland

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Incorporation number IA 34763


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Pandanus Park area is subject to video surveillance monitoring for security and safety purposes.

Pandanus Park HQ
Pandanus Park is a Bush Camping retreat for Veterans  of the Australian Defence Forces and is located on
Cape York Peninsula in Queensland.
To check if you are eligible to camp at Pandanus park please go to
Veterans page.

Pandanus Badge
Pandanus Park - War Veterans Retreat is situated on the eastern bank of the Normanby River
near Rinyirru (Lakefield) National Park (CPYAL)

and has approximately 11 kilometers of freshwater river frontage
with most camps situated along the river bank.

Road conditions and weather permitting access is permitted from ANZAC Day through to Remembrance Day each year
though most Veterans arrive in the weeks leading up to Long Tan Day (18 th August)
when a Service of Remembrance to honour the fallen
is held at the Pandanus Park War Memorial.

World War 2 - Korea - Malaysia - Vietnam
UNEF 2 - MFO - East Timor - Solomons - Iraq - Afghanistan-Iraq2

Pandanus Park is operated under a Deed of Licence from the
Traditional Owners, the Kalpowar Land Trust


Though Pandanus Park is a retreat for Veterans who have served in the Australian Defence Forces,
immediate family members of the Veterans are welcome but must be accompanied by the eligible veteran at all times.


GPS co-ordinates for HQ    E 144 17.984  S 14 56.503

Pandanus Park Inc. is responsible for the management and control of the War Veterans Retreat known as
Pandanus Park through the Kalpowar Licence which covers that part of Kalpowar Station
more commonly known as
Pandanus Park, Cape York Peninsula, Queensland 

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