Committee of Pandanus Park Incorporated

Pandanus Park Incorporated is the legal entity responsible for the management and control of the Kalpowar Licence covering that part of Kalpowar Station more commonly known as Pandanus Park, Cape York Peninsula, Queensland.
Incorporation number IA 34763

Pandanus Park Committee 2016-2017 Season

Peter Hannah


Kerry Thorne

Geoff Pederson

Phil Doyle
Ivan Bunn
Craig Rhodes
Dave Johnson


2016-2017 Pandanus Park Committee

Peter Hannah

Peter Hannah – (President)

Role of the Committee

The Committee is established to oversee the administration and compliance with the Deed of Licence and the Associations Incorporation Act and to ensure the proper running of Pandanus Park.

Committee Elections

Committee members are voted in for a 12 month period with the elections held at Pandanus Park at the Annual General Meeting on or about the 16th August each year.  The committee year runs from the AGM on or about the 16 August through to the following AGM.

Eligibility to be on the Committee

All nominees must be financial members (annual membership fee is $1) at the time of the election and for the year in which they will, if elected, be on the committee and MUST be Veterans – that is they must have DVA Qualifying Service.  Committee members are expected to attend Pandanus Park during the following season and in particular be present at the Annual General Meeting in the following season. They should also be prepared to travel to Cooktown out of the Pandanus season if a meeting with the Traditional Owners is required.

Eligibility to Vote for Committee Members

To be eligible to vote a person must be a financial member at the time of the voting, that is financial for the year in which the AGM is held.

Voting Procedure

Should more than the required number of persons be nominated for the committee a vote will be held by secret written ballot with two tellers appointed.

Contact the Committee:  All correspondence relating to Pandanus Park Incorporated can be directed  to:


Phone either: Peter on  0438 676 495 or email Secretary

 NOTE:  We regret the Committee may not be in a position to respond to correspondence during the Pandanus season, that is from late May through to the end of September each year due to the lack of communications at Pandanus Park.